Friday, August 31, 2012

The Summer Part II.... July :-)

Pool Time after our jaunt  6K run down Peachtree Street on the 4th

Circus at the Giants Game :-)

Head Shots

Car Rides... Dillon does not seem impressed. 

Apparently we're running for something



Hubby's about to swim in Tri The Mountains!

Here he comes!

Neilster finished his race first! 

Hubbin got 3rd overall with his team!!  Way to go!


Imagine if this was your backyard .... bliss

Or your commute to work....

Silly Love :-)

Sweet Love

Romantic Love

Need a refill :-)

Yes, I need a refill.  It was a wonderful weekend in Blue Ridge for Tri The Mountains at the end of the month!  August to come!!!

Susie Q

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In the past few months...

Daisy Played

Gorgeous Wedding
Car full of wedding items

Biggest wedding of the year!  (those are all flowers people... the whole bird)

Daisy Napped

Those funny Jews! (the pink stuff is Salmon)

Daisy Napped

Dillon and I cuddled -- on the floor -- don't freak out Hubby

So blurry, but a really awesome Chuppah (The canopy that Jewish people are married under)

Daisy Napped

This was at one of my Events

Hubby and I went to a concert at Church

Hubs got silly ... and I loved it

Daisy (and Dillon) went to Marmi Camp a few times

I had a wedding at the Aquarium and got to hang with these guys all night

Daisy Napped

Someone hit my car... and kept driving

Husband and I ran the Peachtree

And we're done :-) 

Daisy Napped
More to come :-)
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