Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Candy Day!

We didn't even carve a pumpkin...


And Hubbin is already snoring in the next room so I'm pretty sure it's out of the cards.  


Must get more festive for Thanksgiving....

I'll add it to the to do list.

Enjoy the candy my friends!!


Susie Q

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fairy Tales

When did you grow up? 

I mean it, what day was it?  Was it an event?  Was it a life shattering something that happened to you that made you loose your childhood?  Or did it happen over time? Did you just wake up one day and wonder when the last time you acted like a kid was?  Or did you never?  Do you still want your mom to make you a grilled cheese?  It still tastes better when mom’s make it.  Side note, does that mean when I’m a mom mine will taste better to me?  Or does it only affect the children? ;-)

I’d like to think Hubbin and I still have our Youth.  That we can still dance the night away and joke with the best of them. 

That we are young enough to climb mountains and reach for the stars. 

That we still believe the world is essentially good.  That we know we are living a love story little girls dream of.   However I think the trick as a "grown up" to recognize these moments is to recognize the difference between Wonderland, and our Land.  To stop looking for the enchanted forest with the princes that battle dragons and ride in on white horses to your rescue.  Instead, you must look for your everyday hero.  The Husband who makes sure all our bills are paid and our bank account remains at comfortable numbers.  Or remodels a kitchen, fixes scratches on your car from that evil one who hit you and kept driving, keeps you laughing while you're sad to see all dairy exit your menu.  The one who makes sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk, or protects you from the evil beetles and spiders that try to make your home theirs as well.... especially the one that found my arm at 4 AM one morning and forced me to wake up screaming.  Of course the one who gets very protective after finding out you have an unwanted running buddy.   Or buys you flowers, for any reason at all.

The man you will want your baby girl to compare all boys to. 

Feeling very blessed today to be living my childhood dreams. 

I love you Hubbin,

Susie Q

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Husband bought me flowers

That's right!  Hubby bought me some flowers.  He went to the store, picked them out, and he even got an education from the nice talkative flower lady at the local grocery store on how to make them last.  I have now been educated too. 

I love him.  He cares, and he shows it. 

Good job Hubbin.  Such nice fall colors too. 


Susie Q

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hello Peoples!

While I search for inspiration I thought I would just share some random facts with you....  

1)  It's about 68 degrees outside today at 1PM.  I am supposed to be taking the dogs for a walk but want to just stay in a blanket and cuddle instead.  One would think 68 degrees was 32. 

2) Up until about 20 minutes ago I was working furiously in my PJs :-)  #thejoysofworkingfromhome

3) I have discovered Cow cheese is not my friend.  I will now spend the next two days dreaming of all the bread I will eat on Thursday ...

4)I most likely will discover on Thursday that gluten is also not my friend....

** A side note, I'm actually feeling very positive about these discoveries.  Finding out means I know how to prevent it in the future.  That is great!  And there are so many alternatives now that I'm lucky to be discovering this now instead of 10 years ago!

5) Wedding Season is in full swing.  I am PUMPED to get some people married! 

6) Fred and Ginger haven't come around for a few weeks.  I am hoping they moved on to warmer weather... since it's 32 degrees outside today. 

7) The Dahlia is a really pretty flower.... and I just thought you might like to know. 

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