Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh Labor Day Week

Why is it that a short week always seems more stressful than a normal week?

Often, I think it's that we cram too much into one less day than in a normal week. 
This is how my week felt

It was a busy week.  Moving on...

I went to the Dr. this week too.  I allegedly have some stomach issues.  Issues that have been effecting my life.  Not feeling well most nights does not exactly lead to happy cohabitation.  Hubs loves me, but I've not been easy to live with lately.  I know. 

The Dr. put me on a STRICT elimination diet to try to figure out which foods are causing the issue.  So I'm eating like a bird for the next few weeks/months until I figure out what's causing the issues.

I went into a whole this week.  You'd be amazed at how much food effects your life!  When you're cutting out any food that might cause an allergy plus anything that might cause IBS you're essentially left with Chicken and some vegetables/fruits.  You can cook your chicken in oils, you can spice it up, but there is NO junk food, NO yummy cheese, NO yummy ice cream.... sad face :-(

However, I know that there are worse things in this world.  In the big picture, this is microscopic.   However, it still sucks.  Most of the foods I need to cut out are the foods I eat multiple times a day.  There's a lot of pinning and googling in my future for new meal ideas!

It's going to be a long journey, but I am excited for the end.  To be able to know what's causing my issues and feel better. 

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Nancy said...

Hang in there baby girl!

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