Thursday, September 20, 2012


- I may or may not have named my two humming birds Fred & Ginger.

- The Elimination diet has been figured out for the most part.  I've got a routine, and even found a dessert I can eat!  Peaches just need to stay in season forever now :-)

- I've lost 7 pounds from eating like a bird

- Husband got a promotion at work.  I'm so proud!

- Daisy has an ear infection #whatsnew

- I made a super awesome Halloween Wreath

- Wedding season is BACK!  I am booked from next weekend Until Thanksgiving... with just one weekend off.  #feelingblessed

- I will start adding foods back in next week..... very exciting!!!

What's new with you?? 

PS.  I promise, I'll get better at posting. 


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