Monday, September 24, 2012

I Confess Monday

I confess....

Foo Fighters was super fun this weekend!!!!

I'm not sure Josh was ready for all that is the Waffle this weekend.
Dillon protected him though....

And I totally cheated on my elimination diet.  I thought I was all bad ass and doing great.... until yesterday afternoon.  
Say goodbye to French Fries :-(

I confess I would eat these every day even if I wasn't on an elimination diet

I confess this is how I felt this morning

Fun weekends lead to sad Monday mornings.  However,  I AM looking forward to this week.  A great bride is getting married this weekend.  She will be missed when we are done working together.

The season picks up this week!  Weddings will be my life for the next two months....



Susie Q

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