Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year -- Saying goodbye to 2012

I can't quite believe it, but with or without my approval, another year has gone by!

This year brought so many blessings to our family of 2 humans and 2 puppies.  I personally have been able to experience the joy of working from home/being a entrepreneur.  I have been seen wonderful confirmations from God throughout the year that this is what I am meant to be doing as well.  Nothing brings me more joy than knowing I am walking the path God wants for me.  

Of course this is not our only blessing.  Hubbin was promoted this year, he is taking on new responsibilities and a role with some exposure to some really great people.  I am so proud of him and the way he is handling the transition!  

We went on a few trips, did some things we've never done before, got to see some wonderful Family, and spent some great time with friends.

And really... 

What more can you ask for?  

With Love,

Susie Q

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

That time my Brother got married

Oh how wonderful this night was.  We were all together, dressed up, and celebrating.  Never a better time.  Derek and Kelly have known each other for a while, but when they got engaged they really didn't want to wait!  In fact, they had half a mind to just have the notary in their office "marry" them the monday after they were engaged!!  Silly Derek.  Of course our family would have none of this.  He is the Baby of the step children (still 4 years my senior) and there was no way BB was going not be there when her baby got married!  Kelly is so special and wonderful!  They make a wonderful couple and I was so happy to be able to witness their precious union!

So BB did as she knows best, she planned a wonderful, elegant celebration.  We had a wonderful time. I may or may not have put my planner hat on once or twice to wrangle in the troops for pictures.... but everyone came out ok.  And Hubbin of course got some amazing pictures I remain so proud of him!

For your viewing pleasure:

Sisters and Nieces

The Ring Bearer

The Gorgeous Couple

So pretty


A sweet goodnight

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Hubbin and Me!  Hope Santa was good to everyone and you all have a wonderful Christmas with Family and Friends!  


Susie Q

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Letters Edition #1

Dear 7:00 AM, there are days when you come entirely to early....  Dear Cold Weather that just set in, I'm not ready.  Please delay a few days?  Maybe just never come?  #ishouldmovetothetropics....  Dear Burberry Rainboots, I'm coming for you!  My $20 Target pink ones with white pokadots that have lasted 5 years have finally bit the dust.  The next logical step is obviously to spend $300 for my next pair...  Dear Hubbin, this is your last day of work before we leave on vacation! YAY!...  Dear Hubbin's Family who loves to bake sweets for Christmas, Don't be insulted when I don't eat any this year.  I can't.  If I could, I would proceed to eat about a million like every other year...  Dear dream where I ate a cheeseburger, you were so realistic I woke up disappointed in myself preparing to be sick for the next 4 days...  Dear Puppies, I'm so glad you're hear to warm my lap and my feet this morning.  I'm sorry I'll be leaving you soon to warm yourselves...   Dear Bloggies, Thank you for reading!!!  


Susie Q

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where to Begin

Oh Bloggies....

Where do I begin?
When was my last post?
What on earth was it about?

I am sorry.  It seems that when you're no longer tied to a desk most of your day you don't seem to have the time you used to to blog.  In fact, today I am tied to the desk -- I am helping my Papa out with a project.  This sounds super official, but I'm basically just working on my own stuff and printing a BUNCH of documents and putting them in binders.  SUPER thrilling stuff here peeps.

But $$ is $$ no matter how you earn it :-).

Hubbin and I are having a wonderful Holiday Season!  We celebrated Thanksgiving with my Mom's family in town for the weekend.  Lots of risk mitigation was involved in our games of dominoes....

The next weekend was my final LARGE event of the year.  It went perfectly!  I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love at such a young age and to be somewhat successful at it!  The confirmations from God this past year that I am on the right track, that this is God driven, have truly been amazing.  Words really can't describe it.

THEN my Brother, Derek, married a WONDERFUL girl!  We celebrated with about 40 people at my Dad's home.  It was a special night.  One where I probably had 1-2 too many celebratory glasses and woke up with a bit of a headache the following day.... oh well.

The Holiday party curcuit started shortly after that.  We went to SO many!

Finally, Christmas in Blue Ridge brings us to present day.  Pictures to come.  I would say it was our best Christmas in Blue Ridge yet!  I so enjoyed getting to know our newest sister more!  The family all had enough room and we loved spending time together so much that we stopped on our way home and had lunch with each other one last time before departing.

I just got a new MacBook.  I am working on getting all the files transferred.  Once I do that I'll have pictures to update :-)


Susie Q
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