Friday, October 28, 2011

Follower Fest

Happy Halloween Weekend Friends!! 

What are you looking forward to??

I'll be running 10 miles BEFORE I go get some sweet peeps married. 

Hubby's running his first Marathon on Sunday. 

My Grandparents are in town.  

It's ALMOST the same exact pose... so stinking cute!  I love them!

All these things make for a fun filled weekend!  I can't wait to tell you all about it next week!!

If you're joining from the Follower Fest please leave a comment!  I'd love to Meet you and follow you too!
Susie Q

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waffle Ears

Daisy STILL has an ear infection..

In both ears.

Poor Furbaby, we can't seem to make it go away
and not to be insensitive...
but it's getting very expensive.

I took her to the vet

She's so dumb

She likes the vet

Was terribly concerned about all the people on the other side of the door
and why they weren't petting her

So she came to me...
Pet me, Mom.

I'll chase my tail.

Then she's back.


I give in. 
She gets her ears cleaned
We go to the Festival in Funwoody
She gets new jewelry

And Hubby says I spoil MY dog....

Susie Q

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 Remember when I showed you these

And complained about the Hub's cooking hygiene?

I take it back.

I just finished the last of said chili for lunch today. 
I'm already sad.
When will we have it again??

Sorry folks, this is one recipe I cannot share, but if I could, you would swoon....

This is all I have left....

Would licking the bowl at work be wrong? 

I know, it looks like I already did.

My bad.

Susie Q

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day in the Country

I love the weekends.  This weekend in particular was just perfect.  Family filled, fun filled, giggle filled... what more could you ask for?

Sunday afternoon we went up to Canton to watch my nephew play baseball.  He's 4 1/2 years old so this was particularly adorable.  Y'all, he literally did a somersault in the outfield (much to the chagrin of his father who kept yelling "Baseball ready" -- it didn't seem to phase him).

He also made a great hit, and scored a run.  Such a cutie.

His lil'sis is quite the heart-breaker too.

Once the game was over we headed to Cagles Family Farm for some "Adult Fun Time" in the Corn Maze. 

My Sees-TOR came with us and we met up with J&J from our small group.  We spent an hour or so shucking dead ears of corn and pelting the kernels at each other before we finally were told to stop by an 18 year old staff member.  

Yes, the 18 year old had more maturity than us...

So naturally we lost him and then resumed our feud.  

Then came the bouncing pillow
Y'all, I seriously had to stop bouncing because I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard!

(this is my favorite)
And the goats....
Outta my way! I want down!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  

Happy two more days until Friday! 

Susie Q

Friday, October 21, 2011

Photo Dump

These are from as far back as August.... Enjoy :-)

I'm a bit freaked by my eyes... but it's a cute moment with my nephew
Flipping Precious
Me and the Hubs... we were actually overdressed for this rodeo
OMG, the shine on my face... Me and SeesTOR at the Blue Ridge Rodeo
Dad and his bride playing Angry Birds... Neil got the whole family obsessed
The Hubs made Chili
This is what happens when men are alone in the kitchen
He cleaned it up though... so it's all good :-)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


OK so this morning was not a lot of fun. 

It started out like any other run morning... 
Hit snooze three times
get up
curse the alarm clock
get dressed
and start on my run

I was about a mile or so in when things changed. 

This guy comes running up next to me
I had seen him walk out of a large office complex building (on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Atlanta) 
I saw him running behind me (I'm very attentive of my surroundings)
I thought he must have missed a bus or something so I moved to the side of the sidewalk to get out of his way
but he doesn't pass me.
he keeps pace with me...

he looked like he had something to say so I took my earbud out
he asked if he could run with me
I look this guy up and down and notice he's wearing nice dress shoes, a sweater, a white button up under the sweater, and his pants were either jeans or a pair of dress slacks.  
He also looked like an Asian/Caucasian mix -- not very defined asian face, but had the hair and the skin tone
Was tall and lanky
Not to mention he's carrying a can of sprite
I thought he was hitting on me
Because no one runs in that
And sprite is not nutritious and defeats the purpose of running
I said "Sorry, I'm married" 
expecting him to get the hint and leave me alone

but he didn't
He said, "I know"
That creaped me out a bit 
So I start running faster
He starts running faster
I say "Will you please leave me alone" in a very forceful tone

I thought he did

I go about my run -- a bit shaken up, but letting it go
Then I get close to mile two.
He came out of nowhere!  
He started keeping stride with me again
I jumped back... into the street which probably wasn't smart
Said "You are scaring me, please leave me alone or I will call the police"
and ran away.

I didn't call the police but I should have and next time I will

I didn't finish my route... 
but I was a little scared to go straight home too
So I ran to the complex down the street from us
Ran around it 3 times to complete my four miles
and went home

I told Husband about it
He said he didn't want me running in the morning anymore...
But ya'll. 
If I don't run in the morning I'm running at 7:30 at night... and not eating until 9
Which is not healthy
Nor can I be sure I'd force myself to go
So I think I'm just going to start bringing the dog with me
Watch out... she'll lick you to death
In all seriousness I'd hope she'd get serious if the occasion called for it
Can't let anyone hurt her momma and all
And switch my route
And bring wasp spray with me
Did you know that stuff sprays 15 feet??
Maybe a taser too

I need to get larger pockets for all this stuff

In all seriousness, it scared me.  The uber rational side tells me if he was a stalker he wouldn't have been so obvious about it.... plus really, who would want to stalk little old me???  But the irrational/emotional side tells me I need to freak out and switch things up. 

The irrational side also had me checking our door locks at least 15 times this morning after Husband left. 

And thinking of building a moat around our complex... with alligators and piranhas in it... to far?

I think not.

But now the world knows and has a description... so there stalker man! I've sic'd the internet on you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hey Ya'll!

So I've been researching photographers for a bride today  (when I'm done with all my day job work of course).  

Makes me remember all I went through to find my photographer.

The hours I spent online looking at pictures, wondering if they were in our price range, not wanting to fall in love too soon, but hating to miss out if they WERE in the price range.

I feel for the brides, It's the most important thing (aside from the vows of course) that you take from that day, and one of the least guaranteed too.

You can't be SURE you're going to love your photog's pics.  You can only hope, based on their prior work.  
They only get one shot too, which makes it hard.  If you don't like them, you can't just go back and take more. 

I'm lucky to have loved my pics.  I know a lot of people who weren't so lucky though.  
I'm lucky to be in the biz now, so I can help families through this process.  

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

 Some of my favs from my day...
I gave our ring bearer a 18wheeler toy truck full of toy cars... entertained him all night = best $20 ever spent
*If you are getting married in Atlanta and want my help/or just the name of my Photog.  Contact me! This is not an advertisement post... but I'm always happy to help!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have a shopping problem....

I don't like to do it.

This is not me...
I'm waaaayyy to cheap with my dollars, and I think all the pretty things are too expensive (for real??? an $80 shirt?????).  So I end up buying $20 mediocre things that I wear once or twice and then they either fall apart, or are no longer fun.......or I wait until things are on sale, but then all the pretty things are sold out in my size...

I need some new work duds though.  The last time I bought a lot of nice items at once I was in college.... and now none of them fit (they're too big -- bet you didn't see that coming!).

I know, terrible problem to have.

HELP, were do you think the best value for your money is?  Where do you buy your pretty things? I need Town & Country meets 20 something budget....

Does it exist?


Susie Q

Friday, October 14, 2011


(This post is a continuation of this post)

Does anyone else ever get the desire to go to a Bridal Gown shop and try on dresses again... I think I picked too soon the first time. 

I'd still have gotten my dress...

but it was only the 2nd I tried on....

I want to wear more pretty dresses... 

like this number: 
Oh to just put this on.....

It'd probably accentuate my hips anyway right?


Susie Q

That time I posted 3 posts in 2 weeks

Sorry Friends... I've been feeling uninspired.  

I've got some recipes to share... but need to take pics of me making them first. 

I could tell you about our Halloween plans.
but we have none
including no costume... 
even though we're going to a party this weekend... a costume party

I could tell you about wedding stuff...
but there's not much to share on that least not right now

I did get a preview of the pictures from my first wedding!  So great! And I got a nice "shout out" on the photog's blog!

We ate our dog for breakfast today 
not litterally
just making sure you're paying attention
(we ate waffles... our dog's nickname is Waffles... )
PS.  When I was googleing this picture there were a crap ton of pics with hot dogs wrapped in waffles.... 
for realz! We wonder why America is fat.

PPS: Blogger is not accepting "google" as a real word...
(Blogger is owned by Google...) 

Happy Friday Folks!

Maybe next week will bring more exciting posts!

Don't worry, we're all hoping for that!


Susie Q

PPSS: There are about a million typographical errors in this post.  My hands only intermittently could find the shift key... sorry

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Day I Discovered Our Dog Is An Acrobat

So last night I am sitting on the couch by myself.
Husband has gone to bed because he's tired...
I am still up because the TV has a hold on me... I MUST know what happened on Cake Boss this week!

I joke.

But it is what I was watching.

Anywho.  I'm sitting there minding my biz, watching the tube with my legs propped on the ottoman.  Thinking "this is sooo not worth losing 30 minutes of beauty sleep, but I just don't want to go to bed yet."

I have a tiny dog under my legs on the floor (he likes caves) and a very large dog next to my legs doing her normal contortionist act.  You see, she likes to have her rump in the air while her ear is to the ground and she is simultaneously playing with her bone/ball/kong... she's not discriminatory on the toy.

So I'm pretty much ignoring her.

Because it was cute at first, but now, I just REALLY gotta know what Buddy's saying on the tube.

But then something glorious happens.

Sweet Daisy's rump must have gotten a mind of its own because before she could figure out what she was doing to herself her little feet were in the air and on the ground again--- on the OTHER side of her head.

That's right my bloggie friends, Daisy did a somersault.  All by herself.

Then she ran away from the location of the accident and stared at it like it was somehow the carpet's fault she projected her legs over her head. 

Momma couldn't be prouder. (as she cries she's laughing so hard)


Susie Q. 

Friday, October 7, 2011


OK, so USUALLY I try to not talk about work on the Blog... I mean really, the life of an assistant is not that interesting...

that's a lie

it is like, REALLY amazing stories of incredibly weird situations...

but I've been sworn to secrecy  I signed an NDA (nondisclosure agreement)

Anywho, I don't think this will violate anything so here we go.

So there's this dude in my office... lets call him Peter Robinson... or PR for short.

PR wrote me an email today asking for flights to NYC next week.  I book everyone's travel, I have no problem with it. But this is what he writes:

Though I’d rather not have to, I need to go to NY and back on Tuesday, Oct. 11.  Can you book me flight 1586 up, and flight 486 back?  Thx.

OK, 1) I don't care if you want to or not. 2) you actually really don't have to... you are not required to be there

3) There is no flight 486

Dear PR:

I do not see a flight 486, could you have meant a different number?  What time does the flight take off?  I'll just find it that way. 
So he writes back...

Sorry, can you get me on #2374, please.

There is NO flight #2374...(not to mention how does flight 2374 turn into flight 486??)

So I walk to PR's office, tell him there is also no flight 2374 and ask him what time he wants to take off from NYC.

He tells me - I book the flights

I send him the itinerary, tell him that's all he'll need since he'll be taking cabs and not staying overnight there is no point in me preparing a separate itinerary, blah blah blah.

He writes back...

Thanks!  I wish there was a flight leaving later that would get me in at 10:30ish…oh well.
so I write:

I’m sorry, you requested flight 1586 --- that’s what I booked.  Do you want me to change it?

He writes:

No, I’m good.  The next flight doesn’t get me in until 11, and that’s too late…
Here's the thing... I don't understand why I need to know you're not happy with the flights that YOU REQUESTED.  Why can't you just say thank you and be done?????

Then he came up to me to explain to me that traffic getting to the airport from his house that early is going to be terrible and he's going to have to wake up and leave the house by 5 blah blah blah....


I am not a magician.

Maybe it will be delayed 30 minutes and you'll get in exactly when you want to....

I don't know what else to tell you.


The end.

I feel better now.

Love Susie Q

Maybe I'm overreacting.... but maybe not.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've not posted all week...

My bad!

Well it's partially because there is not much to update the world on.

I worked ALL weekend last weekend.

It was wonderful, Glorious!

Everything went just the way it was supposed to....

aside from turning into a zombie for the first half of this week.

Hence no blogging


my apologies

In other news:

While I was "bringing home the bacon", "earning some cheddar", "Making dolla,dolla bills ya'll"... (No?)

Husband was chillin like a villian playing some golf, doing laundry (thanks hubby!), watching football, and indulging in some beers....

Essentially being a man.

I like men.

Husband in particular.

That's all I've got for today folks!

Maybe my brain will un-mush itself by tomorrow....


Susie Q
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