Thursday, October 20, 2011


OK so this morning was not a lot of fun. 

It started out like any other run morning... 
Hit snooze three times
get up
curse the alarm clock
get dressed
and start on my run

I was about a mile or so in when things changed. 

This guy comes running up next to me
I had seen him walk out of a large office complex building (on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Atlanta) 
I saw him running behind me (I'm very attentive of my surroundings)
I thought he must have missed a bus or something so I moved to the side of the sidewalk to get out of his way
but he doesn't pass me.
he keeps pace with me...

he looked like he had something to say so I took my earbud out
he asked if he could run with me
I look this guy up and down and notice he's wearing nice dress shoes, a sweater, a white button up under the sweater, and his pants were either jeans or a pair of dress slacks.  
He also looked like an Asian/Caucasian mix -- not very defined asian face, but had the hair and the skin tone
Was tall and lanky
Not to mention he's carrying a can of sprite
I thought he was hitting on me
Because no one runs in that
And sprite is not nutritious and defeats the purpose of running
I said "Sorry, I'm married" 
expecting him to get the hint and leave me alone

but he didn't
He said, "I know"
That creaped me out a bit 
So I start running faster
He starts running faster
I say "Will you please leave me alone" in a very forceful tone

I thought he did

I go about my run -- a bit shaken up, but letting it go
Then I get close to mile two.
He came out of nowhere!  
He started keeping stride with me again
I jumped back... into the street which probably wasn't smart
Said "You are scaring me, please leave me alone or I will call the police"
and ran away.

I didn't call the police but I should have and next time I will

I didn't finish my route... 
but I was a little scared to go straight home too
So I ran to the complex down the street from us
Ran around it 3 times to complete my four miles
and went home

I told Husband about it
He said he didn't want me running in the morning anymore...
But ya'll. 
If I don't run in the morning I'm running at 7:30 at night... and not eating until 9
Which is not healthy
Nor can I be sure I'd force myself to go
So I think I'm just going to start bringing the dog with me
Watch out... she'll lick you to death
In all seriousness I'd hope she'd get serious if the occasion called for it
Can't let anyone hurt her momma and all
And switch my route
And bring wasp spray with me
Did you know that stuff sprays 15 feet??
Maybe a taser too

I need to get larger pockets for all this stuff

In all seriousness, it scared me.  The uber rational side tells me if he was a stalker he wouldn't have been so obvious about it.... plus really, who would want to stalk little old me???  But the irrational/emotional side tells me I need to freak out and switch things up. 

The irrational side also had me checking our door locks at least 15 times this morning after Husband left. 

And thinking of building a moat around our complex... with alligators and piranhas in it... to far?

I think not.

But now the world knows and has a description... so there stalker man! I've sic'd the internet on you!


K said...

I would be freaked out too. It definitely was NOT normal for him to run in those clothes. I'd switch up your route and maybe the time that you run a little bit. Like go earlier or later. Making it so you aren't on the same schedule every day, that's how they follow you. And keep those doors locked girl! Eek!

Evelyn said...

I'm so glad you're ok! That's too weird. Your instincts are 1000% right on. Take the attack dog with you. xoxo

Ashley said...

holy freaking cow! that is so scary. i'm so glad you are safe! i live in perimeter or else i'd offer to run with but we can on the weekends!

definitely get some wasp spray! i always carry mace with me.

ugh this seirously gave me chill bumps - dress clothes and sprite really? and the "i know." yikes.

so glad you are safe!

AND i can comment on here finally!Whoo hoo!

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