Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Lately

Daisy has been very lady like

My niece did NOT wear a tiara at another girl's birthday party.... while they made tiaras

Bridal shows and mock up meetings I can't show until the wedding is over

Celebrity sitings
Lunches with Family

Frozen cake really isn't half bad
Life lately has been crazy, fun, and full of happiness.  We celebrated one year on Sunday.  Husband took me to a delicious dinner and I bought him a cheesy picture frame....

Seems about right.



Susie Q

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Anny


A year full of fun, laughter, and learning how to love each other best.  I love you Husband, I can't wait for many more years! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That time I cooked with a witch

Have you ever taken a cooking class?

Neither had I... until there was a Groupon.  Then some of us decided what the hey?  It will be fun!  So we went.

I showed up and immediately knew it would be an interesting night when my friend met me in the parking lot and said we needed to go buy wine.  I trusted her, and really when have I ever passed up wine?  So we ran down to the package store down the road and picked up a couple of bottles of who knows what $8 or less and headed back to class -- that I was late for when I arrived in the parking lot the first time.


Those are witches hanging on the ceiling.

 Lots of them ... over 400 of them

 Creepy ones

 But it was neat that we could watch what we were doing from the ceiling. 

Ursala herself.

At best the food was dated.  Mostly processed, frozen, or caned foods heated and mixed together.  LOTS of salt.  But I did learn some great tips and tricks -- so all in all it was worth the $$.

What was your cooking class experience? 


Susie Q

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


While we were in the great state of California we did make a trip to Tahoe.... but there was no snow.



So even though I wanted to take a ski lesson... throw a snowball... something

No such luck.


We had fun none the less!

We rode the gondola, had a great lunch, window shopped, ate ice cream, and enjoyed some family time.

Nothing could be better really :-)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Oh how I hate to be sick

more than anything

more than being cold

I feel like a walking germ

I am weak


and worst of all I sound like a man


Now that I've had my pity party
Take a look at this little piece of happy

I finally got it! Paw sucking Daisy!!!

So stinking cute!

Susie Q
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