Friday, July 22, 2011

What did I just do??

If you want to make drastic changes you've got to do something drastically different.

And I guess getting married in the last year and wasn't enough of a change...

I signed up for the Atlanta Half Marathon

OMG... I feel like puking! For real, like I have butterflies in my belly, much like when you're about to go on a first date with a guy you think is SUPER cute, and you just really really hope he likes you.  That kind of nervous, feel like you might throw up, or you might not be able to eat anything (PS men, THAT is why women don't eat on first dates...)

I know this should be an inspirational, I'm so excited, I just can't wait to start training kind of a post.  I was the one that chose to do this, Husband said if I wasn't comfortable I should just do the 5K, but no, I decided all by myself that I should do this...

I am excited, but I'm also extremely nervous.  I am my worst critic and I HATE to fail... there's not much worse in my eyes than not reaching your goal.  That's why I usually am VERY careful about sharing my goals.

But this time is different. 

I don't know if I'd push myself hard enough if the whole internet world -- or the 5 peeps that read this blog :-) -- didn't know about it. 

So my goal is to finish, and since they have a 3.5 hour time limit, I almost think that's a reasonable goal.  I'm running an average of a 13 minute mile now (because sometimes I walk a bit, or jog REALLY slow up the super hard hills)... so with my math, IF I maintained that pace it would take me 2 hours and 49 minutes...  I'm thinking between race day excitement (making me go faster) and the loooonnnng distance, after training, I should be around the same time.  Or MAYBE faster?

Faster would be awesome

But I'm scared to make that a goal.  I've read a LOT of articles and they all say that for your first half your goal should be to finish, not to focus on the time... so that is my goal.  I will finish. 

Then next time I'll try for more... (NEXT TIME?!?! Who am I becoming?!?!?!) 

So there's my goal bleeps! (Bleeps= Blogs+People a phrase coined by this one)

Husband will be running the Atlanta Marathon a few weeks before Turkey Day.  I'm SUPER proud of him, he seems to have a natural athletic talent (a gene I'm not sure I got so I hope he passes it on to our littles -- when we get there ) and I'm sure that just like anything else he sets his mind to, he'll do great!

So between this and remodeling our kitchen (info to come) I think I've got my hands full for a little while...

While we're at it, I might as well go Blonde next week... watch out! 


Susan said...

What? Blonde?????? Not really sure about that one. This "bleep" sincerely hopes you're kidding about it.

Good training and yes, just FINISH the dang's a marathon, not supposed to be quick.

I applaud your efforts sincerely.

Evelyn said...

This BLEEP knows that you can do it!

Suzie Q said...

Aunt Sue, I could never go FULL blonde... maybe some highlights... who knows, I'm bored, it could happen

Thanks Evelyn! You're so sweet!

Kathryn said...

Highlight it up!

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