Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So What Wednesdays!

Hey Everyone,

It's that time of week again!  I love So What Wednesdays, they remind me that I'm half way through the week and getting close to a Saturday filled with painting with the Hubs... yes, we have to get ready for our new counters... I promise a before shoot is coming!

Go link up with Shannon and tell us what your "So What"'s are this week!

So What if:
  • I'm a little bit jealous that my boss is going to a meeting tomorrow that requires a security clearance... like for real, he'll be next door to the white house and I had to give them his SSN to get him in!
  • I think you should always wear cute clothes to the gym... it makes me work out hard if I like what I see in the mirror (I know, so vain) 
    • To bad all my clothes are too big...
  •  I loose every game of words with friends...
  • Daisy ate the mail last night... at least it was the credit card offers... she's just helping us clean up our junk mail
  • I have primer in my hair... you try priming over 22 cabinets with deep spots you have to stick your whole arm into to paint the wall... 
  • I won't dye my hair because I can't stomach the $100 maintenance every 6 weeks...
  • I don't have very many "So What's" this week
 Hope you're all having a great Wednesday!  I hope to have a before post about the kitchen out tomorrow! 


Susie Q.

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