Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pre-Makeover ... Kitchen

Hello Everyone!

As promised, am going to share with you the plans we have/the work we've been doing.

Husband and I have been talking about re-doing the kitchen in our condo for a LOOOOONG time, but it's always been a thought, like, "Maybe when you get bored over the winter and I'm working weddings I might come home to a wall torn down" ... but we never really spoke seriously about it until about 3 weeks ago.

Then the Hubs really got serious.  He was doing measurements and diagrams and pricing cabinets and brainstorming all sorts of ideas.  Some of which made me have heart palpitations just thinking of the cost... So we talked and decided on a reasonable solution for our home, that we intend to be a rental property in the near-ish future.

We are going to use the existing layout and existing cabinets (because it's the only layout that will work for the space without re-doing the cabinets, and spending money on cabinets for a rental property seems kind of absurd to me when they work just fine).  We're replacing the counters, sink, faucet, and floors.

It all really started about 2.5 weeks ago.  The linoleum got another crack in it, Husband was brainstorming again, and I was feeling very uneasy about the whole project and the budget for it.

*Which if you know us, is VERY strange... I generally pick the most expensive choice without even knowing the price and have no problem buying it because that's the one I like... while Husband just looks at me all flabbergasted that I could even have the desire to spend so much money...

So Husband and I went to Home Depot to just price things for the kitchen renovation we kept talking about, "just to see"...We walked out with a plan, well sort of.

You see, we found these AWESOME granite counters for a SUPER good deal and from there I was ready to pick out everything else, but I still wanted to go to Ikea, thinking surely, they'd be even less expensive... So we went, walked around for an hour or two, and found that NOTHING we wanted was less expensive at Ikea.  But we did find some great storage solutions that we will incorporate.  So we went back to Home Depot again, got a quote (that expired yesterday) for the counters, bought some paint and primer and headed home. 

To prime these:

Don't mind the cabinets on the left, Hubs was already removing doors at this point, and it seems that the supplies are on the counter...

I have no idea what's in the sink... please ignore it

Again, the doors are already gone -- which will help you to notice that the crazy woman who painted the cabinets painted every stinking inch!

Look at how dark it was!!  

So we set off on a priming adventure, two coats -- and Hubs doing most of the work while I had to work my real jobs all weekend -- later and we have a very white kitchen!

Looking back on these pictures the cabinets already look amazingly better!  I am so excited for when we finish!

Hubs ran into Home Depot last night to order the counters before our quote expired so now we really have a deadline!  Although I think we're both so sick of living with our kitchen in a large heap on the dining room table and floor that we'll be done by the end of this weekend.  I'll take some pictures when we finish this weekend for an update post.

PS -- you like that counter color??  Yeah, the woman who owned the place before me painted the walls of the living room and dining room that color... with black base boards and crown molding... and mustard yellow ceilings... It's a wonder I ever bought the place...

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