Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband

Hello Bloggie Friends!

Yesterday was Husband's birthday!  Unfortunately, it was also a Board Meeting Monday so I not only spent 4 1/2 hours in the office on Sunday while Husband primed our cabinets, but I also spent most of the day (6:30-6) at the office on Monday so he spent his Birthday painting alone.  :-(

He was going to play golf, but as he was getting ready to clean up and go he checked the weather and saw that it was supposed to rain and storm all afternoon so he decided to stay in and paint some more. 

I feel bad that he spent his birthday working, but I must say he did an excellent job and I'm very excited that the cabinets are almost done!  Just one more wall and 20 doors!!! (That sounds like a lot, but just go with it, positivity people!)

So once I got home and gave him his gift: 
and he read his cards (one from me, and one from the fur babies), we went to dinner at Seasons 52.  We headed out to dinner and asked my Dad and BeBe if they wanted to join us for dessert since they'd already eaten.  I had the "Caramelized Sea Scallops grilled and served with roasted asparagus and tomato-mushroom pearl pasta"

I was just lucky enough that they had a picture on their website of my dinner.  I need to get better about pictures!

I mentioned that I thought I was on a scallops kick and Husband said, "I know."  I guess I really do get in ruts... oh well, I like scallops, they are yummy, and at 26 calories per scallop and almost no fat I think they're an excellent choice when eating out... there are enough calories in a restaurant meal without choosing the fattyiest protien. 

Stepping off my soap box

They did not disappoint, they were SO good and I was sad when they were all in my belly and I couldn't taste them anymore :-( 

Husband got the Lamb, it was good too, but his mashed potatoes looked even better! 

I love Seasons 52 because every item on their menu is 472 calories or less.  This means you could feasibly go out to dinner for less than 500 calories... we never do though, we always share an appetizer, and get their shot glass sized desserts too... but since each are still under the 472 count I still feel we're eating better than we would ordering an appetizer and dessert somewhere else! 

It was a great way to celebrate his Birthday!  We spent some time together, with some family, and then went home to our fur babies, and the bed, where we slept like babies, both exhausted from a lot of work. 

I know, we're party animals

I love my husband, and I call him my "Old Man" a lot, but the truth is I want him to live to be 100.  I don't want to live without him, even the tough ones are better than a day without him!

Happy Birthday Husband,

I love you

<-------------------------------------------------------This Much------------------------------------------------------->

That's as big as the blog will go so it's big... OK?

Don't worry guys, I'll be less mushy tomorrow :-)


Susie Q

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Susan said...

There is really no need to apologize about being mushy. Too many people these days are not mushy enough, and I'm not talkin' about physically, duh, because I've got that end covered.

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