Thursday, July 7, 2011

Confession Thursday

Much like So What Wednesdays, but not because it's Thursday today...

I confess....
  • I did not write a blog yesterday because I just was too sad that all the fun activities were over and didn't want to talk about them yet
  • I ate a reeses today... sorry BFL, I know, I was bad
  • My muscles are bigger than they ever have been and it's because of Husband's pushing me
    • I still do not confess it's his workout vs. mine, just that he pushes me to lift more
  •  I didn't think Transformers was any more impressive in IMAX or 3D than it would have been the normal way
    • I really want the new chick's hair though!
  •  I just realized I ran/walked 4.4 miles last Saturday... no wonder I had to start walking, that was a mile and a half longer than I had intended... oh well, maybe I'll run more of it this Saturday! 
That's all for today folks!  I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth and have great plans in store for this weekend!  I'm not sure what we have planned this weekend but I expect to make the most of it!


Susie Q

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