Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Ode to the Waffle (aka, Daisy)

I  love our puppy!  she's soooo sweet, wants nothing more than to be loved on and pet, and has never met a stranger... ever.

Look at her, what's not to love?!

But she does have some quirks!  So this is my ode to the quirks of our Waffle:

 She loves her baby
  A little too much if you ask me (if this was a video it would be XXX rated)

 She even likes the vet!

She blends into my floor a bit (confession, I've been snapping this picture for weeks, she does this thing in the morning where she puts her paw in her mouth, sort of looks like she's sucking her entire paw like a thumb, but then every time I grab my phone she moves it... dang it!)

She plays nice with small dogs (as long as they are elevated above her... she's not aware she's 10 times bigger than them)

She eats all her toys tail first
PS, does anyone know of some soft (so we don't tick off the neighbors) but durable toys (that she can't chew through in 30 seconds)?  I brought one home with "Chew Proof Technology" last week and it's already half of what it used to be....

There are more, but that's what I'll share today.


K said...

My dog chews through everything. Seriously... everything. There is one toy he loves though. I got it at target. It is this alligator that is in the shape of a cylinder. I can't find a picture. We cut off the tiny fabric teeth and legs so he wouldn't chew them off and he hasn't ripped it apart. It does squeak though... which can get a bit much when you have an overzealous Fiance playing with the dog.

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! Such a cute furbabe! I found you through The Shine Project! I linked my pet stories up too :)

Suzie Q said...

Thanks Ladies! K, I'm going to have to go to Target this weekend and see what I find! Rebecca, I LOVE the shine project! I wrote this post yesterday having forgotten about the challenge this week, then when I looked this morning I was like, "How PERFECT"...

Thanks for reading!

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