Friday, July 8, 2011


So I've just joined this site called Pintrest.  From what I can tell you pin pictures all over the internet of things you like and it becomes your inspiration board for DIY projects, redecorating, and really any other category you want to "Pin"... am I right, I'm just figuring it out, but it seems like something I could totally get sucked into neat.

SO I've been pinning all these do it yourself projects, only problem is I've got no where to put them, or even work on them, or time to work on them for that matter... so I've got oodles of inspiration and no where to go with it... does anyone need a DIY done?  I'm not working any weddings for the next two weekends... I can DIY you something, or sit at the pool and drink wine coolers....

Someone save my arse from the sugar that will turn straight into fat... Tell me you need a new something! 

Here's some of my pins so far:

One Day, when we have a house, I would like a chandelier in the laundry room... The way I see it, I'll be spending enough time in there to warrant something pretty.

I could totally DIY this mirror! 

That's right, Monkey Bread in individual mason jars... what could be better?????

L.O.V.E. this rug... now if I just had the dollars.

This is inspiration, but a more modern style for one wall in our dinning room

One day, when we have an outdoor space all our own, I would like to make one of these :-)

Thanks loves!

In other news, Husband has an interview for a promotion today, he's going to nail it.  I know it, because I'm his wife and I said so.  :-)

Happy Friday loves!

Susie Q

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

I LOVE all of the above! you can decorate for me anytime! haha
Please Please PLEASE figure out how to make monkey bread in mason jars!!! lol

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