Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So What Wednesdays

Hello Bloggie Friends!

It's Wednesday again (I know, stating the obvious), which means it's time to link up with the So What Queen at Life after I Dew!

So What if....

  • I have eaten Zoe's Kitchen twice this week... it's SOOOO good!
  • It's 59* in California today where Husband's family is from, and there is a heat index of 110* here in the ATL
  • I'm SUPER PUMPED that our next Lunch and Learn guest for the office is Jeff Dollar, one of the local radio morning show hosts... I've only listened to them for the last 10 years.
  • I wish I had a name that could be creatively turned into a Blog Title
  • I've spent a lot of time this week reading about how to be a better runner and learned nothing I didn't already know... and yet I still am not a very good runner. (This is not self deprecating, I run a 13 minute mile, that's not good.... but I know that I am a physically fit person, so I go confidently with that knowledge)
  • I would really like a pair of these
But I'm pretty sure I'll look like this:
 So I never get them...

 In other news, Hubs and I worked on a project similar to this one over the weekend:

But way different, it's only picture frames, and not in a bathroom...

Once I get everything situated I'll show you the final results!

Ta Ta for today!


Erin Fielding said...

1. What is Zoe's Kitchen and how have I never heard of them?!

2. Just so you know, it's Jeff Dauler. Didn't want you to be embarrassed when you met him by accidentally spelling his last name wrong. I love him. Cool that you get to MEET him and EAT with him. And uhm, learn something from him? haha.

3. Awesome story ... when I was just in Chicago, I knew Wesley was looking for a pair of aviator sunglasses, and I happened to see a pair of them in a bin at a vintage market we went to. I bargained the lady down to $20. Brought them home, we did a little research, and turns out they are vintage Ray-Bans that sell for $100+ dollars. Yes. And you would not look like a bug. So get some!

4. I am not a runner. The fact that you can run a 13-minute-mile at all is a great thing in my book.

Shannon Dew said...

So what queen? I LOVE it! Oh and please post pics of this project, it looks FAB!

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