Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hello Friends

I’m sorry, I know, I was supposed to post a recap yesterday, but I was coming off a vacation high that was just too good to admit that I was back in the real world… I’m still a little sad, I do love vacations even when they’re staycations!



Friday night after work we went to Dad and BB’s condo to cook them dinner and pick up keys to their place for Monday night.  I cooked a mean pork chop with shrooms, zucchini, and sweet potato chips (Body for Life style) dinner.  It was quite yummy, I won’t lie. 

While I was cooking Matt was periodically helping and watching the TV, not sure what was on, but him and Dad were talking about it.  BB was walking around doing something too, not really sure what.  She was pretty dosed on cold medicine as she didn’t want to be sick while they were in Hawaii.  I felt bad for her at dinner; she looked a bit stoned she was so tired. 

In the meantime, my sister came to pick up a set of keys because she was watering the plants all week while they were gone.  So as she’s about to take a set we realize that we can’t take one too otherwise Dad and BB would have no way of getting in when they get home. SO, after dinner as we’re leaving Husband and I are in the elevator chuckling at the fact that we came to get keys, somehow cooked them dinner and still didn’t get the keys… oh well, it was nice to spend time with them :-)

Saturday I woke up and went for what was supposed to be a quick 3 mile run.  I picked a new route and exhausted myself with hills on the first half so bad I couldn't help but walk most of the second half... note to self, look at the elevation when you're building a new route.

SO, then we headed up to my favorite place in the summer.  Sara's parent's house.  It's such a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood with an incredible view and they have a great set of friends surrounding them... basically they're my heros, I want to be like them when I grow up... including boat ownership.

We stopped at Big D's BBQ on the way up for lunch.  It was really delicious BBQ, with some amazing hush puppies!  If you're on 400 N headed to the outlets, or to Dawsonville STOP, get some BBQ and thank me later.  They apparently have a sandwich called the Brownie, they only cook so much of it, and it is a "while supplies last" type of thing.  We came too early (at 1PM), they had not made it yet, but Hubs says it's amazing... I'm thinking they might want to call it something new because Brownie and BBQ Sandwich sound completely different... just a thought

We spent the rest of the day on the lake floating around and riding in the boat.  We watched quite a few people get pulled over be the DNR, they were stationed at a sort of "Lake Block" under the bridge that we needed to go under to get home... that's why it always pays to have a sober driver :-)

Then we had a really great dinner with Sara's parents before heading home.  Honestly, we were having so much fun we all lost track of time and headed home a bit late, but that's what happens when you're around good people!

Sunday we went to church and then Hubs and Luke went to play golf.  Sara brought me home where I got ready for the wedding.  The sweetest family in the whole world wedded off their daughter to an equally sweet man.  Seriously, I was sad at the end of the night to see them all go.  Really awesome people!

Monday Husband ran the Peachtree Road Race in one hour and two minutes.  He did an awesome job and I am very proud of him!  I was handing out t-shirts and strategically handed out Hubby's size so I could see him when he was done. 

Aren't we cute?

I know :-) 

Here's me "working"

and here's KB and I before it all started :-D

Once the excitement of the race was over we headed home to hang out at the pool for the day, a few rainstorms brought us in for an hour or so, but all in all I'd say it was a successful pool day.  That night we went to see fireworks from Dad and BB's condo.  They have a panoramic view of the city from Dunwoody all the way to west GA... so one would assume you'd see multiple shows at once.  Well the rain made it somewhat challenging, but we did see quite a few shows and it was a neat experience... one we probably won't repeat because Hubby missed the
of being up close, but we had a yummy dinner and good company so it was worth it to me!

Tuesday we had a StayCation!  I needed it!  after 4 hours of sleep on Sunday night I was wiped and slept longer than I had in quite some time!  We went to Breakfast together, watched Transformers in 3D on IMAX, and ran some errands before rounding out our food fest of a weekend with some Tin Lizzy's tacos... all worth it :-) happy belly!

I was very happy yesterday to wake up, go for a run, and eat like a bird again... Body For Life, we're back on!

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Kathryn said...

Yummy dinner? you mean completely amazing Chicken pockets!!! late did you sleep?

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