Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hey Ya'll!

So I've been researching photographers for a bride today  (when I'm done with all my day job work of course).  

Makes me remember all I went through to find my photographer.

The hours I spent online looking at pictures, wondering if they were in our price range, not wanting to fall in love too soon, but hating to miss out if they WERE in the price range.

I feel for the brides, It's the most important thing (aside from the vows of course) that you take from that day, and one of the least guaranteed too.

You can't be SURE you're going to love your photog's pics.  You can only hope, based on their prior work.  
They only get one shot too, which makes it hard.  If you don't like them, you can't just go back and take more. 

I'm lucky to have loved my pics.  I know a lot of people who weren't so lucky though.  
I'm lucky to be in the biz now, so I can help families through this process.  

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

 Some of my favs from my day...
I gave our ring bearer a 18wheeler toy truck full of toy cars... entertained him all night = best $20 ever spent
*If you are getting married in Atlanta and want my help/or just the name of my Photog.  Contact me! This is not an advertisement post... but I'm always happy to help!

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