Friday, October 7, 2011


OK, so USUALLY I try to not talk about work on the Blog... I mean really, the life of an assistant is not that interesting...

that's a lie

it is like, REALLY amazing stories of incredibly weird situations...

but I've been sworn to secrecy  I signed an NDA (nondisclosure agreement)

Anywho, I don't think this will violate anything so here we go.

So there's this dude in my office... lets call him Peter Robinson... or PR for short.

PR wrote me an email today asking for flights to NYC next week.  I book everyone's travel, I have no problem with it. But this is what he writes:

Though I’d rather not have to, I need to go to NY and back on Tuesday, Oct. 11.  Can you book me flight 1586 up, and flight 486 back?  Thx.

OK, 1) I don't care if you want to or not. 2) you actually really don't have to... you are not required to be there

3) There is no flight 486

Dear PR:

I do not see a flight 486, could you have meant a different number?  What time does the flight take off?  I'll just find it that way. 
So he writes back...

Sorry, can you get me on #2374, please.

There is NO flight #2374...(not to mention how does flight 2374 turn into flight 486??)

So I walk to PR's office, tell him there is also no flight 2374 and ask him what time he wants to take off from NYC.

He tells me - I book the flights

I send him the itinerary, tell him that's all he'll need since he'll be taking cabs and not staying overnight there is no point in me preparing a separate itinerary, blah blah blah.

He writes back...

Thanks!  I wish there was a flight leaving later that would get me in at 10:30ish…oh well.
so I write:

I’m sorry, you requested flight 1586 --- that’s what I booked.  Do you want me to change it?

He writes:

No, I’m good.  The next flight doesn’t get me in until 11, and that’s too late…
Here's the thing... I don't understand why I need to know you're not happy with the flights that YOU REQUESTED.  Why can't you just say thank you and be done?????

Then he came up to me to explain to me that traffic getting to the airport from his house that early is going to be terrible and he's going to have to wake up and leave the house by 5 blah blah blah....


I am not a magician.

Maybe it will be delayed 30 minutes and you'll get in exactly when you want to....

I don't know what else to tell you.


The end.

I feel better now.

Love Susie Q

Maybe I'm overreacting.... but maybe not.


K said...

I deal with this DAILY. Although it is interesting to get all the behind the scenes scoop... sometimes it gets to be a little too much with the back and forth, trying to figure out what people are "really" asking for. Hopefully PR is a little easier next time!

Erin Fielding said...

mmmm. I know someone just like that ... ;-) LOL no wait, I know that someone. haha. sorry ... I know better than anyone else how frustrating it is! but you are great at what you do -- don't let them get you down!

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