Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Day I Discovered Our Dog Is An Acrobat

So last night I am sitting on the couch by myself.
Husband has gone to bed because he's tired...
I am still up because the TV has a hold on me... I MUST know what happened on Cake Boss this week!

I joke.

But it is what I was watching.

Anywho.  I'm sitting there minding my biz, watching the tube with my legs propped on the ottoman.  Thinking "this is sooo not worth losing 30 minutes of beauty sleep, but I just don't want to go to bed yet."

I have a tiny dog under my legs on the floor (he likes caves) and a very large dog next to my legs doing her normal contortionist act.  You see, she likes to have her rump in the air while her ear is to the ground and she is simultaneously playing with her bone/ball/kong... she's not discriminatory on the toy.

So I'm pretty much ignoring her.

Because it was cute at first, but now, I just REALLY gotta know what Buddy's saying on the tube.

But then something glorious happens.

Sweet Daisy's rump must have gotten a mind of its own because before she could figure out what she was doing to herself her little feet were in the air and on the ground again--- on the OTHER side of her head.

That's right my bloggie friends, Daisy did a somersault.  All by herself.

Then she ran away from the location of the accident and stared at it like it was somehow the carpet's fault she projected her legs over her head. 

Momma couldn't be prouder. (as she cries she's laughing so hard)


Susie Q. 

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