Friday, October 14, 2011

That time I posted 3 posts in 2 weeks

Sorry Friends... I've been feeling uninspired.  

I've got some recipes to share... but need to take pics of me making them first. 

I could tell you about our Halloween plans.
but we have none
including no costume... 
even though we're going to a party this weekend... a costume party

I could tell you about wedding stuff...
but there's not much to share on that least not right now

I did get a preview of the pictures from my first wedding!  So great! And I got a nice "shout out" on the photog's blog!

We ate our dog for breakfast today 
not litterally
just making sure you're paying attention
(we ate waffles... our dog's nickname is Waffles... )
PS.  When I was googleing this picture there were a crap ton of pics with hot dogs wrapped in waffles.... 
for realz! We wonder why America is fat.

PPS: Blogger is not accepting "google" as a real word...
(Blogger is owned by Google...) 

Happy Friday Folks!

Maybe next week will bring more exciting posts!

Don't worry, we're all hoping for that!


Susie Q

PPSS: There are about a million typographical errors in this post.  My hands only intermittently could find the shift key... sorry

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who was the photog? Can we check out the pics? ~Marmi

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