Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Office

Today is my last day of 9-5….
Well today will be 9-2ish
Because I don’t have much left to do

Last night we had our Christmas party that also turned into my going away party.

iPhone pic

It was really nice, and I was totally not expecting a goodbye party… much less a gift

But true to MNN, they were awesome and did both.

I got a very beautiful laptop case that I will now be using every day.
I will miss MNN and the people here. 
They truly care about one another… a little family on the 40th floor if you will.

I’ll also miss our building.
It’s been my home away from home for 4 ½ years now. 
And who wouldn’t enjoy walking into this prettiness every morning…

Or even better at Christmas time:

Plus, our building is a distinctive part of the Atlanta skyline.  Everywhere I go around the city I can see it and I feel like I’m home.  

One day I’ll bring my kids to a Braves game and I’ll tell them, “Do you see that building with the two bell towers on top?  Mommy used to work there!”  They will be impressed, but only for a minute… then their Daddy will do something cool, because it’s a Braves game… and that will be that.


Susie Q


Susan said...

So, I'm just now reading this and your other post "I Quit" that I hadn't seen before, but I'm very happy for you. You're right about it being unusual to find the dream job. I know you'll be great at it too! Congrats and I'll have to look at some of these other posts I've missed....

Arielle said...

great post:) happy holidays!

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