Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's go dreaming

Recently I've been waking in the dead of night with a jolt!  Dreams about all sorts of random things have been making my subconcious home and since I'm such a giver... I thought I'd share...

*The other night, I conceived, carried to term, and delivered a wonderful baby boy.... no name though.  And for whatever reason we were all toasting with Apple Cider.

* I dream often that I'm falling and wake up just before I hit the ground... I think this one's relatively normal

* Last night I was a fairy in a far off land that needed to find the beanstalk.... no idea why the beanstalk was so important -- or why I could not find this giant stalk that climbs into the sky.

* There was the time when a giant bulldog was coming to get me and my family.  A bulldog the size of a house.  (This is very reminiscent of when I was 7 and dreamed a giant Barbie was trying to squash my family)

What do you dream about?  Any beanstalks?  Large Dogs of specific breed?  No?  If so, maybe we should get together and inspect these magic beans together -- maybe they're the key to eternal life..... We could be rich!!


Susie Q

Editor's Note: Obviously the lack of bread and milk has gotten to me -- someone please inform the doctors that I am not Cra-Cra. 

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

you certainly are hilarious though!

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