Monday, January 28, 2013


Oh Hello.

I know, it's been a while.  My Bad.

I think New Years Resolutions should really start on your birthday.  It is then that you truly look back on the year you are leaving and look ahead at what's to come.  I find every year I feel a bit nostalgic,  a bit of mourning at the plans I had for that year that I did not accomplish, and a lot of happiness at what I did accomplish, and what's to come.  I look at this next year and I know the possibilities, the wonderful experiences we have in store for my family of 2 humans and 2 canines...

Maybe this year more than ever as it seems life change is upon us.  You see, we close on this little gem tomorrow.
We move in 10 days.

Happy Birthday to me!

Between painters, contractors, networking business trips, baby showers and wedding showers for friends, Hubbin leaving town on business for a few days, closing on a house, getting all new services set up, and a VERY large event in the next two weeks I'm just not sure I have time for my Birthday this year.... can you postpone such a thing?  Can I just choose to celebrate another time?  There must be something to celebrating your half birthday.... what If I just decide that's my WHOLE birthday.... No one knows how old I really am anyway... maybe I should be secretive about the day as well.

It's a thought.

I could start a revolution....

Except all my friends have been my friends for too long....

and they're smart people... I'm pretty sure they would notice if my Birthday happened twice in one year.  That's like the time I tried to change my name in 4th grade... in the middle of the year.

I'll keep thinking.

In the meantime, It's my Birthday.  I'm turning another year older but it feels no different today than yesterday.  Of course, I was a scheduled C-section baby, so the whole occasion was rather calm to begin with.  I remember stories from my parents of going out the night before to a nice dinner and freaking out the server.  He asked when Mom was due, she told him, "8:00 AM tomorrow morning."  He seemed a bit puzzled at the precise timing.

Maybe that's just my birthday theme? :-) No muss, no fuss.  I kinda like it that way.


Susie Q


Susan said...

LOVE the house, baby!!!

Kathryn said...

Ha I tried to change my name in 4th grade. we are sisters haha. let's definitely start celebrating half bdays instead! I always wanted a pool party!

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