Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday! Randomness

Dear Cheat Day,
When you arrive I would like to let you know what you should expect this week…  (Or a list of foods I’m dreaming of… sigh)

I've had this coupon forever... I plan to use it on you, Cheat Day.

UpStreet  gives us bagels... I plan for a blueberry one with hazelnut icing cream cheese

I don't care if no one comes with me... I've gotta get my fix

Oh Menchies, how I love you! But mine will look much more peanut butter chips and pomegranate yogurt

Don't they all look so yummy!?

In OTHER news my husband left me yesterday... he went on a jet plane to the Windy City... I miss him already.  I am very proud of him though.  He is emceeing an event for work.  

Because he's HOT
and Smart
and they want to show that off...

Never fear, he'll return Saturday night... LATE 

And we will celebrate with cheat day :-) 
Although, I'm pretty sure his Cheat "Day" is all weekend... 

In the meantime, I'll be helping Sara move to her new home in the "ghetto" of Grant Park... for realz, the house is adorable and she's moving in with her hubby so what could be bad? 

Happy Friday everybody!  What are your plans?  What fun things will you be up to?


KB said...

I will definitely go with you!!!!

Suzie Q said...

To which one??? We have Father's Day too... I gotta figure out the logistics of all this, but it's gotta happen!

Susan said...

Tom and I are going to a Cajun festival that's being held at a local winery, so there's wine tasting too! Gotta love that Zydeco music. Sunday, Father's day, Tom's going out early, early with his brother for fishing. Whit & Teej are going to be around for a nice F'day meal w/ just the 4 of us.

I'm going to make a run to ULTA and get some cream blush and some primer (I love primer!)


Suzie Q said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend Aunt Sue! Don't tell my Daddy, but I still need to get him a gift... it's on the list. for tonight. maybe it will happen....

Kathryn said... didn't tell me you re-commented...i was thinking sushi! ha

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