Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you remember the time when I went to a wedding and told you how much I loved it?

This is soooo another one of those posts.

We worked with Wolfgang Puck at the Georgia Aquarium last night.  He was not there himself (DANG IT!) but Clarence was.  Sweet, wonderful Clarence.  We weren’t even supposed to get vendor meals and he fed all five (that’s right, count them, 5) of us Magnolia girls a delicious 3 course masterpiece. 

In a private room

Right next to the ballroom so we could relax… just a tiny bit

Thank you Clarence, you’re the bestest.

What else happened you ask?  The very sweet, adorable groom spilled red wine A.L.L. O.V.E.R. the bride’s dress.  I mean BAAAAAAD.  


And you couldn’t even tell.(That's why they pay my bosses the big bucks)

I got a tour of the “Back of the house” in the Aquarium… very fishy

And took some pictures of the photog taking pictures of the Dolphins


Hubby went and played golf in Marrietta.  Apparently, he got rained off the golf course but is going to go back because it was such an awesome course (for a city course – and he’s got a voucher now).  So he headed home, but first, he stopped at the grocery store to get us some sides for our lunches today…

I proceeded to tell him he was the best Husband EVER.  He anticipated that that was stressing me and that was awesome.  (Reason #16463 why I love him)

He sent me this today… snapped it at the local Kroger.  Such a good photog… on an iPone no less!

I later came home to a sleeping house and for a brief moment wished they were all up so I could tell them about my incredible night (Dogs included… Daisy is very interested in Weddings, she listens very intently as long as I pet her).  Then I remembered we had to get up at 5:30 to get to the gym and promptly went to bed.

In other news… Hubs is trying to get me to do a half marathon with him on Turkey Day… I’m debating that one We all know I’ll end up doing it so we’ll see.  

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