Thursday, June 23, 2011

Le Fleur

This little gem just became my favorite flower

OK, maybe not "JUST" it did take a while.  But I think I've finally made my decision on this ever so life altering fact...

Cala Lillies have always been my favorite, like since the begining of time... not really sure why.  

Yet, these flowers!  I see them in bouquets every week and every time their smell is so amazing!  There's also something so graceful about the delicacy of the flower... 

I think I love the contrast of the Super Klutz that is me versus the sweet softness of this beautiful fleur. 

Hubby, little hint.  I would love a bouquet of these sometime

What is your random fact of the day?  What's your favorite flower?  Have you made any weird decisions lately?

1 comment:

Love & Tangles said...

My favorite flowers are orchids, hydrangea and tulips, but if I had to choose, I'd say tulips only because they're cheaper, so I can keep them around the house easier.

My weird decision stop eating chocolate.....ok, I'm lyimg but I'm going TRY to cut it down.

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