Friday, June 10, 2011

Body For Life


Hubs and I started Body for Life  again this week.  We did this last year starting in February 2010 and found great results!  We both lost about 18 pounds and were pretty pumped to be back to our pre-commited relationship selves minus a few pounds. 

Well after our wedding I think we both lost some motivation and I for one am B.O.R.E.D. in the gym right now.  SO, we decided to give it a go again. Not that either of us have gained any weight since we got married, I've lost a few pounds and Hubs has lost many (must be all my cooking ;-) But  we both felt a need for a push... so here we go.

Problem, I'm not sure either of us is quite as motivated as the first time, but that's OK.  We'll be each other's accountability partners and we'll do it! 

So why am I telling you?  Well, part of my passion is health and fitness.  I have a LOT of opinions about it, and more knowledge than most people would think on the subject.  However, I am NO expert!  I still have much to learn, and want to share my journey through the next 3 months of this program.

So far we've had a great week.  I went to their website and chose some recipes for the week so we've been eating much tastier meals than the last time around!   However,  food is not so much what I'm worried about this time.

I've stuck with the same exercise program for the last year and a half -- with just a few variations.  I know this is not right... but I'm a bit scared to change!  This time I'm challenging myself to not do the same exercise program two weeks in a row.  I can use some of the same exercises, but MUST change it up every week and incorporate different exercises from the week before, preferably not the same for the last 3 weeks (this could be hard depending on the muscle group).  SO.  Any new weight lifting routines you can think of, let me know! 

I need to do two for each muscle group each workout!

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