Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Weekend in Big Canoe

Hello Everyone!

We had a very fun and exciting weekend being a part of my best friend's wedding.  She's off in Maui now on her honeymoon and I'm jealous... She sent me this just this morning:


Anywho,  The weekend really started on Thursday night.  My company's two year anniversary party was held at the Millennium Gate Museum  at Atlantic Station here in the ATL.  We had some pretty special guests...

Chuck Leavell of the Rolling Stones is our Co-Founder and he brought along his friend Billy Bob

We had a very good time at the party, but I had to leave a bit early as I needed to pack for the weekend!  

Friday Daisy and I went for a walk at 5AM, then I came home and got ready, kissed the hubs goodbye and took the pups to their respective hotels for the weekend.  (Daisy is a bit big for Marmi Camp so she stays at the Pet Hotel).  Then I ran by Starbucks and slid into my parking space just in time to catch my ride and be off to the Rehearsal in Big Canoe!  

It was a good rehearsal if I do say so myself, and Nona from the Chapel is a little spit-fire!  I like her.  

Don't we all look nice? :-)

The bride is in the back chatting with the videographer.    We had a lovely bridesmaid's luncheon at her parent's friend's house in Dawsonville followed by a race back to Big Canoe before the bus came to get us for the rehearsal dinner.  Hubs met us JUST IN TIME -- seriously, 5 minutes to spare.

We filled the bus!

I will say there is nothing nicer than transportation when you have no idea where you are going AND you know you'd like a glass of wine or two...

I may have dominated at Cornhole... 

But no one likes a bragger.

Please notice my shoes had come off by now... 4 inch heals all weekend was not the best idea.


We had such a lovely morning relaxing in the cabin while we got our hair done and did our make up.  The photographer came by and we staged some shots for him and we even played a card game -- I need to get my hands on this game -- Phase 10, t'was fun.

The beautiful bride walked down the aisle and then we partied all night.  Hubs has misplaced our photobooth pictures, but when the bride gets back I'll get copies from her.  I was too busy running around between dancing, fixing bridal hair, busselling the dress, getting everything in the getaway car, and much much more to get any good pictures of the Par-TAY but trust me... it was quite the night.

We woke up the next morning and drove back to Dawsonville for the brunch at her parent's house.  I put in the address but my phone took us to a totally different and random location.  I had a bit of a melt down realizing we were going to miss the Bride & Groom leaving and I didn't get to say goodbye (I might have even dropped a few very unladylike choice words... sorry Hubby)  and yet, we got back on track and raced in just as they were leaving. Hubs is awesome!

Happy Ending.

More Pics:

Neither one of them is looking at where they're going.... That's trust my friends

 The back of the dress with the veil hanging on it. 

What did you do this weekend?  Where was your favorite wedding?  Have you ever melted down over the littlest thing?   

PS, I need a new screen for my Macbook... it's cracked all over... any advice from other Macs out there? 


Susan said...

I went to the beach with some other lady friends...sorry no boys allowed!! We had a great time just chillin' and there just happened to be a really big, really good craft fair in town. I spent all my money on jewelry and Tom was happy for me. How's that for a great hubby? I think, as long as it's jewelry to replace what I lost last summer in that theft, he's ok with it.

Suzie Q said...

I'm happy for you too Aunt Sue! That is one great Hubby! I love girls weekends too! YAY!

KB said...

I want to see pictures of your dress :)

Nancy said...

Me, too! Pictures!!!

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