Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So What Wednesdays

I’m not really sure who started the trend, but I would like to join in… Here is my So What Wednesday!

So What if…
  • I have 4 outfits for work and I just keep mixing/matching and re-wearing (the get washed)
  • My dog likes Marmi’s house better than our house
  • The only new accessories I own are from people’s weddings… everything else is from college at the earliest
  • I talk to our dogs… a lot
  • I  talk for our dogs all the time
    • Don’t worry, I don’t have full conversations back and forth
  • I think pretty much anything fried is the bomb digity
  • I say “bomb digity” -- and "the" (NERD)
  • I hate the gym… but I go almost every morning
  • I like lists – lots of them!
  • I  used to be on-time
  • I want the biggest loser game for Kinect
  • My new signature looks like a child’s writing
  • I still have my maiden name on my driver’s license.  The DMV really needs more convenient hours. And to not be horribly inefficient. And to take better pictures so I don’t dread it so much….
That’s all for today! 


KB said...

I love this...hilarious!! I read it to Denise

Suzie Q said...

Happy to entertain :-)

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