Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best Meal E.V.E.R.


Since I had a rare Saturday off last weekend, Husband and I planned a date night.

Naturally, I spent the day shopping for a dress.  I found this:

and two more, but I can't find pictures of them

Anywho, the really important part is that this was the BEST DINNER EVER.  All Fifth Group restaurants are pretty amazing, but this one was over the top.  I'm still new to the blogging, so I completely forgot to take pictures of our food.  Sorry friends.  However, you must trust me.  Husband must have told everyone the next day how great it was.  


SO, if you're a native or just visiting our fine city you want to know where you must go right?

La Tavola Trattoria is the place to go.

It was so lovely, with a comfortable atmosphere, a beautiful view from the balcony tables and a light cool mist to keep you cool in the summer heat.  

We had impeccable service, including some great suggestions from the server, that we ate devoured.   

 In short, if you live in Atlanta, you MUST go here on your next date night.  We had a $50 bottle of wine and our bill was still right at $115.  With appetizer, dinner for two, and dessert.  So on top of everything else, it is very reasonable. 

That's all for today Folks! 


Susie Q

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