Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday

I do love So What Wednesdays!  I think it's fun to share my quirks... (Nerd Alert again)

So What if...

  • I enter my food into an online journal everyday... it doesn't stop me from eating the reeses, just helps me balance said candy
  • I miss candy since we've been on Body for Life -- That does stop me from eating candy
  • I get on the scale every morning -- even if I know it's going to be up from a night out the night before
  • I sometimes brainstorm all the ways I could spend my day if I wasn't at my desk
  • I just went for a mile walk around the city just because during my lunch "break"
  • I drive with the windows down when it's 90* outside (I have working AC) just to feel the wind blow through my hair
  • I sometimes day dream of what it's going to be like to have little versions of Hubby and I running around our life
  • I look at at least once a week even though we're no where near ready to buy another house
  • I can hear the screws in my face creaking today... We all know I've got a few loose :-)
That's all for today.  What are you saying "So What" to?

In other news:

We're going to Atlantic Seafood for dinner tonight with some close friends... I'm so excited to get a sushi fix I don't know if I can begin to explain to you the levels... it's a bit ridiculous... I'm counting down the time... 5 hours and 6 minutes people!  I've only had my order planned for 3 days....

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

One of my fav places...esp for chicken pasta haha

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