Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So What Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

It's been a hectic week!  We had a great weekend, I worked a wedding and Matt played golf -- you know, the usual.

We did discuss that Matt will be taking over our weight lifting plan, this is great, I just do what he tells me and am supposed to get buff... yay.  I cook all the meals and he designs the work outs... sounds like TEAMWORK :-)

I love being a team.

So here is my 2nd installment of So What Wednesdays and I figured out the original!  Life After I Dew started this totally awesome idea!

So What if:
  • I wear completely unsensible shoes to work sometimes -- otherwise, I'd feel guilty owning them since they'd never get out of the closet
  • #1 makes me hobble home sometimes
  • I love cinnamon in almost everything -- Chili included
  • I'm craving chili while it's 100+ degrees outside
  • I sweep and mop the floors and an hour later I find a hairball, that's life with 2 dogs and two people in <1000 square feet. 
  • Sometimes I take a cat nap between when Hubs leaves for work and I have to start getting ready.  
  • I got really excited when we met some neighbors at the pool Sunday. -- I feel like my dog's yippy reputation precedes us and no one likes us... It was really nice to be told differently
  • I'm drinking water today pretending it is the home made cookies sitting in our break room... Sunday Cheat day can't come fast enough!
  • I started my Christmas list yesterday... priorities
That is all :-) 


Susie Q

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