Wednesday, December 26, 2012

That time my Brother got married

Oh how wonderful this night was.  We were all together, dressed up, and celebrating.  Never a better time.  Derek and Kelly have known each other for a while, but when they got engaged they really didn't want to wait!  In fact, they had half a mind to just have the notary in their office "marry" them the monday after they were engaged!!  Silly Derek.  Of course our family would have none of this.  He is the Baby of the step children (still 4 years my senior) and there was no way BB was going not be there when her baby got married!  Kelly is so special and wonderful!  They make a wonderful couple and I was so happy to be able to witness their precious union!

So BB did as she knows best, she planned a wonderful, elegant celebration.  We had a wonderful time. I may or may not have put my planner hat on once or twice to wrangle in the troops for pictures.... but everyone came out ok.  And Hubbin of course got some amazing pictures I remain so proud of him!

For your viewing pleasure:

Sisters and Nieces

The Ring Bearer

The Gorgeous Couple

So pretty


A sweet goodnight

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T-Bear said...

Those are some great pics....Looks like a much better choice than a notaries office!

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