Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girl Time in Music City

Hey Everybody!

I hope you all had a really wonderful weekend!  Mine was filled with a whole lot of girl time and some bachelorette games to boot!
I was in Nashville this weekend for the very wonderful Sara's Bachelorette Bash!  We had such a great time exploring the city and finding fun things to do! 
Friday was spent with a morning work out followed by some lounging at the pool while enjoying my skinny margarita concoction.  It's very simple:

1 ounce clear tequila
Sprite Zero until the glass is mainly full
a splash of lime juice
a splash of pomegranite juice

Make sure to put some peter ice in there if you can too!

This makes a very light and delicious drink that is great for sipping by the pool!  and Bonus, your calorie intake is limited to the tequila and a few calories from the splash of pom.  :-)  I like it.

THEN, we went to dinner at a restaurant that had food... It was somewhat neat inside, but not all that Yelp said it was.

The ladies at the restaurant suggested we go to Printer's Alley for some fun bars so we decided to walk the few blocks and check it out before returning to the condo to pick up the last two girls coming in from Atlanta.  Oh Printer's Alley.... it seemed a bit like a gauntlet of strangers offering candy to a baby.

This sign greeted us at the beginning of the alley

Then we kept getting asked by tattooed and pierced men to come inside... no?  Well come back later then!  I'm sure they were all very nice, but opening with nude Karaoke is really not the way to win this group of ladies over. 

SO when we picked up the girls we decided that some dancing and celebrating at The Stage was much more "our thing".

We had SOO much fun at The Stage!  When we first walked in all I could think about was that no one was smoking!  That was just amazing and wonderful!  I was sooooo happy about this! (can you tell?).  THEN I thought about how great the band was.  I think that might be what I liked best about Nashville, everywhere you went there was a live band!

Saturday was spent doing all sorts of fun things!  We watched some cable movies, talked, went to see Bridesmaids -- save your dollars and wait until it's on video -- and then came back for Sara's lingerie shower and some bachelorette games.

That night we went line dancing at the Wild Horse Salon as well.  This place was a lot of fun!  We had a lesson at 8:30 and at 10:30 where we learned two different dances.  We're thinking of remembering them for the wedding!

I must say though, I think the best part of my weekend was coming home to my hubby.  I loved my girl time, but I sure did miss the hubs.

A few more pics:

Yay! this is the first pic of the two of us in a while!

These are the bags I gave everyone -- Thermal lunch totes

The beautiful Bride :-)
.... Then my camera died :-( Sorry!

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