Thursday, May 19, 2011

A lot of random thoughts

I can't stop thinking about our wedding today... I loved that day (I also can't seem to get Britney Spears out of my head, but that's because I really need to find a new work out mix... I'm too lazy, someone do it for me... back to the wedding).  It was perfect, sometimes my eyes still well up when I think of how great of a day that was.

Do they get better? I suppose with children.... although that really just seems like a scary, painful day that ends with much joy.

Seems ever since we got married I've seen Babies EVERYWHERE.  Don't worry husband of mine, I'm confident in the knowledge that our God is still working in our lives and is not quite ready for us to be parents.  I can't wait... but I can wait.

I'm off to Nashville today.  I'm pretty excited about it!  I've never been and I've heard nothing but great things so I'm pumped.  I might even just buy a bunch of these ...

Yeah right... with what money?

But I can dream.

I need running shoes more.  Sometimes being an adult stinks...if I was still 16 I would just ask Dad to go to the money store.  I loved the money store...

I wasn't spoiled.  I was told "NO" plenty. Sometimes with enthusiasm....

I was a Daddy's girl though... still am, probably always will be.

I hope when we have children our girls are Daddy's girls.

Anywho!  I digress.  SO what do you think the Hubby will do while I'm at the girls weekend in Nashville?

  • Eat nothing but beer, take out, and ice cream?
  • Play lots of golf?
  • Get wild and crazy?
  • All of the above
Feel free to also comment with any other things you might think he will do!

I'll be back next week... and I've tasked my amazingly creative husband with the job of making this blog come to life with a totally awesome header.  Did I tell you that in my last post?  If so, I'm sorry... I'm just REALLY excited about it!

I can't wait to see what he comes up with!


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