Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 Hey Ya'll!!!

Does anyone know where the last week and a half has gone?  I've been so crazy busy I'm not sure I remembered to stop and smell any roses along the way.  I am not lying when I tell you that I had no time -- like I didn't have time to stop at the ATM and deposit checks.  Large Checks. Checks that when I told my Hubby he might have freaked gotten a tad bit upset.

Sorry Husband.

I'm half hoping it slows down, but half not.  Being busy means that weddings are coming in, weddings coming in is awesome.  SO, keep them coming... I'll go to the ATM at midnight if I have to.... I'll just bring the Hubby with me (in case someone tries to rob me of course, not at all because it's cold and dark and I don't want to go alone).

Anywho, let's think back on a simpler time.... 2 weeks ago.

Husband was playing golf with the fellas so I went and met up with my Dad and sister SeesTOR for a fun afternoon in my home town.  I have to say, we never had festivals like this in Dunwoody when I was growing up.  We would go to the neighboring towns and crash their festivals.

Silly festival crashers.

SO now that Funwoody (which we used to say sarcastically) is a city, there are some super fun enhancements... like festivals. With hot cookies, and a bungee jump.

I ran 9 miles this morning... SURE!

Again, 9 miles... I'll eat that sucker up!

SeesTOR asked for extra sauce... she got it all over her mouth with every bite.... I guess I can't use it as blackmail if I'm already posting it.

Who pays $30 for a flying pig??? I took a picture for T-Bear though!

Smallest.Moving.Truck. EVER

This is when I learned it's best to tuck your socks IN to your jeans... and no one is attractive in a harness

Our "Spot" for the day

Waffle got tired and took a nap to the SUPER load music

Family times :-)
Seriously, I'm not sure I would have appreciated it when I was younger, but I'm impressed with my little hometown!  It was a great day, I just wish Husband was there to show us all how it's done on the bungee jump!

Susie Q

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