Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marathon Runner

Not me....

First stop, mile 6
Last Stop -- Mile 21

the Husband.

I am so proud!  He finished in 4:28 and some seconds!!

Here are some pics:
 Daisy had fun running around town demanding letting people pet her
Doesn't she look alert!  (Auntie Kathfryn is holding her)

Atlanta Center for the Puppetry Arts was at our last stop cheering everyone on!

Here he comes on mile 21!  That is not a car accident behind him... 

Daisy made a sign

We made him signs too.
 BeBe brought glitter... you can't see it but these signs are sparkly!

He got a massage after to help with the sore muscles -- look at that face!

And then we ate Five Guys
All in All it was a great day!  We followed Five Guys up with a nap.  Then we had dinner with my grandparents while we skyped my mom in Argentina! 

They were so amazed.  And happy to see their daughter's face.

It was cute.

They always are though!


Susie Q

1 comment:

Ashley said...

what a great day! you are too cute with your sign!

i was so amazed by the marathoners - you don't realize how much 26.2 is until you see it in action!

your little fuzzy is so precious! :)

and good luck on your half coming up!!!

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