Friday, November 4, 2011

TGIF Ya'll!!!!!


Were did the week go?? Seriously, I remember Monday, I remember thinking "wow, this week is going to be tough" and I remember Tuesday thinking "It should be Friday by now"  and then the rest is a blur. SO with that, I have almost nothing to write to you about.... So I wanted to share some random thoughts from the week:

1) If anyone ever types Friday three times consecutively do you automatically start singing the Black Eyed Peas in your head?  No? Just me?

2) In honor of Halloween, I've eaten a Reese's every day this week... just one... but could there be a more perfect taste than that?  Well, that or white chocolate covered pretzels....I need the molecular structure of these two things to change so they're as healthy as spinach.

3) Eating chocolate is good for you.  Apparently, I just skipped over the DARK chocolate part... Reeses needs to make DARK chocolate peanut butter cups

4) Did ya'll know milk has pus in it... so gross.  Raven did an awesome post on the benefits of being a vegetarian... I've been thinking about this for a long time, but this really makes me want to do a meatless day each week.... I wonder how that will go over with Husband.  Husband, are you reading? What do you think?

5) I've been in denial about the cold weather.  I feel like I was truly not ready for it this year... I want to fly away to someplace warm and sit on a beach and really take it all in... build a sand castle. You know, act like I'm 5, and on a beach, but not 5, because I'll be enjoying some cocktails.

6) My mom comes home next week from Argentina.  I'm SUPER pumped to see her... not so pumped to give her car back.  I took it again for one last round this week... I have to give it back this weekend ... bye bye SUV :-(

7) I have to run 11 miles this weekend on my training plan.  Do ya'll know how far 11 miles is?? It's a crazy long run!  Add in a sore hip and an ankle that's been just not right since last weeks run and I'm nervous.... ya'll I was not built as an athlete... I love the feeling when it's over... but going through it sometimes sucks. What do you do to break through your proverbial walls?

8) Would it be wrong to pin my own posts?  I totally want to pin some of my food posts b/c I think they taste so darn good!

9) We went to Blue Ridge a few weeks ago for family filled fun day.  Husband snapped these pics.  It was a beautiful day, if you're in the GA area, you really should go to Blue Ridge for a weekend!  They're the up and coming Highlands of Georgia.  You can rent a cabin here.  They are awesome and have the BEST cabins!!




Have a great weekend!!!  I've got something super fun to tell you... but you'll have to stay tuned!

Susie Q


Susan said...

OK…# 1: If I type Friday three times in a row, it’s Katy Perry that play in my brain.

#2: Reeses are NOT the best, although good ….I am really partial to Tootsie rolls, so I can’t even buy them.
#3: Dark chocolate is THE BEST….I’m even more enamored with the dark chocolate covered almond clusters that I get from the bulk bin at Wegmans. You need a Wegmans in Funwoody….just sayin’.
#4. That milk thing just sounds gross, but I think I’ll bury that way back in the back of my pea brain because I like milk and always have…
#5. If you go, take me with you….I’m your biggest bleep afterall….
#6. Super pumped about the mom coming back through here before she heads to you….sort of praying that she can’t get on the early flights, so we can see her for lunching
#7. I can’t run a quarter of a mile, so you’re WAYYYYYY ahead of me darlin’
#8. I got nothin’….
#9. Beautiful fall pic’s and lovin’ the train that runs right along the road.
#10. Love you LBM, as opposed to LBD which is totally different.

Keri said...

You are in luck! Dark Choc Reeses!!!

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