Friday, January 6, 2012


This is the post where I pretend like I haven't been gone for weeks on end because I am not ready for the other posts about all I did....

So lets pretend together.... I was here yesterday right?


Moving on...

I turn 27 this month.

I've never been one to do huge blow outs for my birthday.  I usually just get some friends together for dinner, fun, if dancing ensues so be it.  Gifts seem silly... unless your my Hubs, or you want to give me wine... I like wine.  Or Starbucks giftcards... those are fantastical too!

After 21 birthdays seemed to stop being that important.  No need to celebrate that I'm getting older now folks, it'll happen all on it's own :-).  However, growing up there were some things I thought I would have accomplished by now....

1) I was going to be a wildly successful and sophisticated career woman
I'd have my feet on the desk because I buck the system

2) I would have at least one baby by now that I would see all the time, but still be a successful career woman

3) I would have a fantastic Husband who loves me just the way I am

One out of 3's not bad.
And to know that #1 is happening and will allow for #2 -- well really, I'd say that's just amazing.



Susie Q

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