Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kendall Jackson

So if you ever ask my dad what his favorite wine is he'll tell you Kendall Jackson Chardonay.

I don't know why... it's not that expensive or awesome in my book but still we had to go while in Sonoma.

We went, we enjoyed a tasting, and a beautiful view.

And we bought a bottle of Chardonay for my dad... which we still haven't been able to give him... so shhhh don't ruin the surprise!

Don't worry,
I love him,
but he still doesn't read my bloggy :-)

Now without further adieu....


PS -- Those boots are in bootie heaven... :-( sad face.


Susie Q


Taylor Morgan said...

I don't drink but I think vineyards are so beautiful!! I love seeing Napa Valley, so gorgeous. Sorry about the boots :( hate when that happens!

Kathryn said...

One of those pictures was a little dirty haha ;)

Nancy said...

Yeah, but the new boots ROCK!

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