Monday, January 23, 2012

St. Francis Winery

Our first morning in Sonoma was wonderful.

We had breakfast in bed
Oh breakfast in bed
It's so nice to be lazy
but you're nervous
that you're going to spill coffee on your lap....

but twas nice anyway :-)

Then we went to St. Francis Winery

We arrive
Walk In
Husband says, "Hello, I am Husband"
and the person in the tasting room says, "OH! you must be our tour!  One moment, I'll go get so-and-so"
I was thinking, "Did no one else sign up for a tour?  That's like the best part"
Then they tell us to drive up the mountain, through some gates, and it becomes very clear they don't do tourist tours at this winery...

Husband's got connections.

We met the CEO, toured the facility with the artisan wine maker -- and her puppy, and then went back to the tasting room for some delicious parings in front of the Christmas tree...

it was still December then, I know, I'm late on the posting

Just your normal everyday view....

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