Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OH SNAP! -- and a guessing game

Guess who just discovered the convenience of Picasa Web Albums...

I'll wait a moment...

You're RIGHT! ME!

Yay me, late, but at least I'm there!

 So now that I have that down, GUESS WHAT I HAVE TO SHARE WITH YOU! -- Yes, I'm yelling

That's right!  Progress Pictures!

But first, I must vent tell ya'll about the project that is our kitchen.  We started this little galley kitchen thinking a few coats of paint, a few weeks, and we'll be DONE.  Awesome.


Every project we start seems to add another project to it.  

1) We started painting, but starting with black, we had to do 4+ coats on everything.  This meant that there was so much paint we were scared that our belongings would stick to the paint and pull it up, so we bought contact paper and put it on all the surfaces.
2) We changed the light fixture, except that created 3 more holes in the ceiling from taking the old two fixtures down (not to mention the ghetto-rigging that was present to run power from the original source to the new source -- it's a wonder there was not a fire!)
3)   When we changed the lighting we also exposed the original ceiling color.  I'm not kidding ya'll, when I bought the place I thought the ceilings were white because everything else was so dark!

The counters should come on Thursday, Hubs is working on the floors today and tomorrow -- then we'll just need to cover them for Thursday.  *Fingers Crossed* We'll have our kitchen back together by next week!!!

 These pictures are actually a week old, the walls in this photo are now painted, and the doors are back on the cabinets

Again, the doors are on the cabinets now

The air vent is back on the wall in this photo, and all the tape is off -- looks GREAT!

This wall is painted now -- I'll take more pictures tonight and get them up -- faster this time

OK... This is the ceiling.  Please note the brown color that looked white in the original house.  Also note the hole next to the actual electrical hole.  This is where they ghetto rigged some wiring and fed it through the ceiling too....

That hole to your left -- that had a plastic casing for the electrical box

Sense these pictures, all the upper cabinet doors have been attached, the tape has been removed from the walls, the ceiling is patched and painted, and we have a new light fixture.  I'll show you more soon! 

Happy Tuesday Folks!


Susie Q

PS:  I finally added the picture here... I know, I need to get faster!


Anonymous said...

Is that the whole hole?

Suzie Q said...


Evelyn said...

I missed so much here while I was on vacation. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE your blog? Well, I dew!

Suzie Q said...

EV -- You're too kind! :-)

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