Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Whatless Wednesday

That's right folks!  You read correctly, I'm in too good of a mood to So what about anything

So What if I have no "So What's" today!

There are many reasons why I am happy today, but I can't really share them all with you (No mom(s), I am NOT pregnant)

I do have a super awesome Husband who is working very diligently to get our kitchen finished... including the sink that seems to have been "ghetto rigged" for 30-40 years... ah, the joys of living in a 50 year old condo!

It will look like this when it is done though... only smaller
and there won't be glass on our cabinets... and we don't have an island... but you know, close.

I have two very happy, healthy dogs who want nothing more than to be loved on by us.

I have two awesome jobs!

I have a car that runs ... well, it jogs.

I have weddings to plan and people to love...

Today is one of those days where my brain is going about a mile a minute and I can't quite come up with anything I want to tell you about *in-depth* so... That's all for today

In other news:

I saw this and thought of the hubs:

Did you notice the smile in the A?  #flippinawesome

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