Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Wednesdays

Hola Bleeps!

It's that time of week again!  (I totally got called out by a co-worker this morning about it too, he was all, "Isn't it So What Wednesday" and I was all "Yep *giggle*" and he was all "Yeah, I read your blog, don't post it on FB unless you want us to read it" and I'm all "That's the point!"

So Co-worker of mine, I'm glad you read... and I called you out right back! BAM!

Ya'll go over to Shannon's blog and link up for So What Wednesday... or just read everyone else's blogs!  It's fun, I promise!

So What if...

  • Dillon got into the paint the other night... I'm still not sure how that happened, but it ended with me giving him an impromptu bath at 10PM.
  • I haven't posted the picture of Saturday on the post below, see the above "So What" and you'll understand...
  • I've woken up sweating at 4AM for the past two nights... I refuse to put the air down any lower!  We can afford the bill, it's the principle of paying an astronomical bill for such a small place that I can't get over. 
  • I spent two hours of my day today playing Angry Birds and drawing pictures with my Boss' child instead of doing work... on light days it's actually really fun... it's those days I have a million things to do and she comes in that it stresses me out.
  • When I've got some free time at work (when I'm done with all my work and sticking around to make sure the boss doesn't need anything... I don't slack, coworker) I'll go to and look at houses for sale ... We're no where near ready to buy another house, but a girl can dream right?  Did I tell y'all that last week? Well it's still true...and so what if I did...
  • I've been trying to send our inlaws our wedding pictures for a month now, but everytime we buy CD's or a jump drive it's not big enough!  I WILL get this done by the end of this weekend!  
  • Daisy's got more energy than I know what to do with right now, and it's too hot to take her out to let her run it off... This is actually driving me a bit crazy
Have a great week Peeps!

What are you saying "So What" to?


1 comment:

P Maddox said...

And in-laws are waiting patiently for pictures :-) We love you! Sorry you guys have such miserable weather. Ours hasn't been too bad, considering that it's usually 100+ here...only in the 90s! AND we're going to the far north of CA this weekend where it's even cooler. Wish you were here...

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