Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Hello Bleeps!

How is everyone's week going?  Anything exciting happening? 

Not in our world

It's pretty much just filled with painting...


We did go to SweetWater Brewing Company on Saturday with some friends to celebrate Husband getting a year older!  That was exciting.

We had a great time.  The idea is you pay $8 for a souvenir mug glass and you get 6 tasting tickets that allow you to "taste" 5.5 ounces of all six beers they have on tap.

We had the best time despite the rain and the heat!  It was just nice to spend some time with our friends!  They only had three beers to "taste" on Saturday, but that's alright, they were my favorite anyway :-).  I did however feel a bit older than the average age of the crowd.  It seems this is something that a LOT of college aged adults are trying out, frat-tastic ones at that.  But I just channeled my college days and felt right at home!  We were supposed to take a tour, but it got so hot in the actual brewery, and they guy never really moved from the one stack of hops he was standing on so we left and went back to the tasting room to hang out a bit more before they kicked everyone out at 4:30PM.  I would definitely go back, but I might wait until they're done remodeling this time so the tour is an actual tour... and maybe air conditioned. 

On a sadder prayerful note, please pray for my old high school friend.

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