Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A day at the Park

If I were to write a love letter to the City of Atlanta I think it would mostly be about the beautiful views, great weather 90% of the year, and Piedmont Park.

I love this park so much Husband proposed to me there.  Proof enough.

The park is home of many wedding facilities, great festivals, a lake with pretty ducky's, athletic fields, play grounds, a public pool (not that I would enter an Atlanta City Pool... there are just some things I cannot do), and most importantly, the most awesome dog park in Atlanta.

It was the most awesome dog park in Atlanta 4 years ago, but was that enough for them? NOPE, they improved upon it and the result is really just amazing!  I love this space!

There is more than enough room for all the furry friends to run around and play, and room for you to separate and still have MORE furry friends if someone's dog is not getting along with everyone.  This of course is not a problem for Daisy Waffles.  She loves every.single.mamal.

Excuse the blurries... silly old iPhone!

First she played with this guy, While Dillon was concerned every time she would lay down

Then the running began

I think she liked her new friends

She came to say hi, but left to fast... but I got Dillon!
Which one is she???? 
If you know her at all you know she's the one being pet by strangers.... such a good watch dog!

PS.  After we left the park we went to drop off some refreshments to the Hubs on his 16 mile run and headed to the vet for the puppies' yearly check up/shots.  Daisy has an ear infection in both ears... and it's the worst the Doc has seen in a long time....

I feel like a bad momma, I didn't even know!

:-( She's a trouper though, she never acted sick, even now, she loves getting her medicine. 

Oh to be a puppy....

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