Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night after a VERY long day where I arrived at the office an hour before the sun rose and didn't get home until the sun was setting; I let the dogs out.

All was fine, everyone was very well behaved, we went to the dumpster to deposit their business and headed back to the condo.  On the way back Dillon started perking up and growling.  I didn't hear anything so I was all "just hush" and ignored him. 

Then we rounded the corner.

I jumped a bit out of surprise myself.

Our neighbor was out.  With his dog off the leash... but his dog was still better behaved.  I would love to tell you neighbor's name, or his furry friend's name, but I can't.

Dillon proceeded to go into full on alpha-dog mode, while Daisy was trying to play so hard that she was about to rip my arm out of socket. They're tripping over themselves, and one just riles up the other. 

I pick Dillon up.... it's just easier

I shorten Daisy's leash wrap Daisy's leash around my hand multiple times so she can't get a running start anymore.

and we walk.

You see sweet neighbor and his dog were in our way, blocking my quickest way home.  I could have turned around, but then I would have had to walk all the way around the back of the complex, through some grass/mud, and back to our front door.  Meanwhile, the weather was perfect for open windows last night so the entire courtyard heard our exchange.

"Daisy, Sit! Dillon, Quiet!" walk three steps, Daisy almost pulls me over trying to play with the dog she could crush with a single paw. 

"Daisy! No! Sit! Dillon! Shut Up!"

wait for Daisy to sit, she does for about half a second.  Dillon never shuts up.

We walk some more, we're now right on the pour neighbor who is just watching me have a mental break down. Daisy is pulling so hard I think my fingers might be broken, Dillon is still growling I think... honestly, I'm concentrating so hard on not letting Daisy pull me over that I'm not sure what Dillon is doing.

We struggle, "DAISY, NO! HEEL!"

We get by the neighbor, I give a weak apology, I walk back to the condo.

As I'm entering my building I hear my other neighbor yell down to the original neighbor something smart about my dumb dogs -- because I was so mad even if the windows were closed they probably would have heard me screaming.

And that's how we maintain the award for worst dogs in the complex.  Thank you, I'll take my bow now.

** Saddest part is they're both VERY well trained...it's like they get tunnel vision, forget everything, and go deaf all at the same time.


P Maddox said...

Goldens are perennial puppies, even until their last day with us. Such sweet dogs.... Hope today is better, my Dil. Love you bunches!

Kathryn said...

Maybe they should obey the apartment rules and put their dog ona leash and move out of your way! Hope your hand is ok.

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