Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review for Fado Irish Pub

I know what I want to tell all of you...

But I'm not quite prepared yet... maybe after tonight when I get my Mac back from the Mac doctor... it's face was broken

Sad Mac

So since I can't tell you that, but I REALLY want to, I am lacking in the motivation department to tell you anything else. 

SO, I will just tell you about the most delicious breakfast Hubs and I had the other day -- OK, maybe a month ago...

Husband and I went to Fado Irish Pub in Atlanta for breakfast on Sunday morning.  We were taking the morning off from our usual gig teaching small children about God and the Bible and instead going to a pub for breakfast (well when you put it that way Susie Q!!!). 


But I promise, we are still family friendly folk... unless you count my addiction to coffee as something you don't want your kids knowing about, in which case, hide your children, because it's like crack to me!

I drink until I have the jitters... it's a sickness

But I digress

We went to Fado and had breakfast.   It was incredible, if you've not been you need to go NOW.  It was such a nice time, we arrived before the servers did so the bartender/possibly the owner served us, we had a lovely conversation with him where I only understood every fourth word or so because his accent was so thick and he talked so fast... I just loved it!

I also loved that there was this background noise from about 5 or 6 men across the restaurant cheering for a
team playing some sort of game they play in Europe.  Fado is known to be quite packed on weekend mornings when there are Soccer (or football depending on where you're from) matches on. However, we were in the middle of the summer and soccer had hit a lull.  So there were just these 5 or 6 men in the other corner, watching their game with great intensity as if the whole Pub was filled and they were just one of many screaming....

The coffee was soooo good! The breakfast was as close to heaven as food can get. 

Husband had the Eggs Benedict with Potatoes

I had the French Toast with a Raspberry Sauce (you can't see it but there is a cream in the middle of the bread too) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
 If that doesn't make your mouth water I just don't know what will! 

Happy Friday Eve!!!

Susie Q

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Susan said...

Ok, that French toast DOES make my mouth water....stop it!!!

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